Happiness is….

  1. A clean kitchen.
  2. Sleeping children.
  3. Pretending that I actually know what I’m doing (’cause I’m an adult, right?), and succeeding!
  4. Organic toast with lots of honey on top.
  5.  A snuggly baby.
  6. Listening to KPLU Jazz station all day long.
  7. Surviving a drive to West Bremerton.
  8. Fresh veggies from the CSA.
  9. Singing in the car.
  10. Getting ready to travel to a warmer climate for 5 weeks.
  11. Tandem-nursing.
  12. Using a wrap to carry my baby while sniffing her head!

On Clutter

What is it? It is anything that I do not use, love, or have space for.

What purpose does it serve? It is currently serving to drive me absolutely nuts.

Where does it accumulate? It accumulates on the table, on the desk, on the floor, and on the bed. It accumulates in the kitchen on every single available surface and then some.

Why on earth do I have so much of it?  Where does it come from? It doesn’t just appear, does it? I suppose it comes from stores, yard sales, and generous friends who pass along items or give us gifts. However…

I never accept anything that I won’t use. Someday.

I never buy anything that I won’t use. Someday.

What if someday never comes? Why should I keep things that I don’t use *now*?

More importantly, why *do* I keep things that I don’t use now? Sentimentality? Hoarding instinct – “just in case”?

Does it make me feel better to have all this stuff just sitting around? No? No. NO! It makes me feel horrid.

Clutter saps my energy. It makes my house much more difficult to clean. It makes my house much more difficult to organize. I have to keep my kids out of all this stuff because much of it is not safe for them to play with.

So why do I still have it?

A New Beginning

Well, here we go! Now I just have to decide where and how to begin unpacking my brain.

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