Australia pushes for equal rights:

Doctors back call for circumcision ban
Posted Sun Dec 9, 2007 12:37pm AEDT

The Australian Medical Association has backed a call for laws banning the non-essential circumcision of infant boys.

The Tasmanian Children’s Commissioner, Paul Mason, says non-medical circumcision is a breach of human rights.

The AMA’s Tasmanian President, Haydn Walters, says they would support a ban on the practice, except where there are medical or religious reasons.

He says there is only rarely a medical need to carry out the procedure.

“There were quite a lot of folk myths around the advantages of circumcision. They’ve almost all been debunked,” Prof Walters said.

“There are some minimal advantages in some circumstances, particularly in some infectious diseases, but they’re overwhelmingly balanced by disadvantages in other areas,” he said.

(The following rant is not meant to guilt any mothers who have chosen to circumcise their sons. Most American women are not educated about the functions of the foreskin and what is actually lost during circumcision. Many people believe that since doctors still perform male genital cutting, then it must be safe and/or beneficial. The main responsibility lies with the doctors who still perform these cosmetic surgeries on children too young to consent and with the culture and media for perpetuating the myth that circumcision is so beneficial that the risks and losses don’t matter. It is hard sometimes to step out of the cultural box and look at what America does to half of its boys objectively.)

It’s about frigging time! Cosmetically – for a non-medical reason or to potentially prevent potential problems that may never occur – altering your child’s genitals is wrong regardless of his/her gender. If only so many Americans weren’t such hypocrites… if only Americans would recognize that boys’ genitals are just as important as girls’. I will never understand how someone can cut off a healthy piece of someone else’s body or think that they should have the right to do so.

Just because Americans do it, doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Many cultures who circumcise women also think it’s the right thing to do, but that doesn’t make female genital cutting right either. The only difference is severity – both involve cutting someone else’s genitals against that person’s will – and since merely pricking a girl’s genitals to get a bit of blood (which is by far less severe than chopping off what will amount to approximately 15 square inches of tissue on an adult man) is illegal, the law is obviously not about severity.

Everyone deserves to decide what parts of their OWN genitals they keep or cut off. I’ve only ever met one intact man who wished to be circumcised. He chose to be circumcised and is happy that he made his own decision. The men I know who wish they had never been circumcised are plum out of luck. They can never be “uncircumcised.” The choice was stolen from them when they were most vulnerable.


This is a big issue for me. I have spent a good part of the past 2.5 years learning about the barbaric custom of male genital alteration/cutting. The rate of circumcision in my part of the US is approximately 24% now. Our local hospital refuses to perform non-medically indicated infant circumcisions. The custom is apparently dying a slow but sure death.

It can’t happen soon enough, in my opinion.


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