So it’s April Fool’s Day!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated because Firefox no longer completes my blog’s address in the address bar, and now it’s April Fool’s Day. Day one of my birth month. The day of tricks and tomfoolery. The day when many women announce that they’re pregnant and then when everyone shouts, “Congratulations!” they say, “April Fools to you! I tricked you!”

So, to follow in the spirit of things, I’m going to now announce that I’m pregnant with #3 who we hope is a little boy (we’d be happy with another girl, of course, but techie guru husband really wishes he wasn’t the only male in our household). Except nobody will believe me today, which is just fine because we were planning to wait until my birthday in two weeks before telling everyone anyhow. Therefore, in two more weeks or so I’ll just announce it again and then everyone will be like, “Hey! You weren’t fooling!” and I’ll just smile.

I suppose this is also a tricky ploy to see who reads my blog and who doesn’t.

So, assuming everything goes well and nothing untoward happens in the meantime, expect an announcement sometime soon – if you dare to believe me today đŸ™‚



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