Typical Day With My Girls

I just realized that I don’t really blog much about my kids and my everyday life… or even much in general, but I’m working on that! I’m with my girls all day long and I love them dearly, but usually when I sit down to write a post it doesn’t occur to me to write about them. I’m not sure why, but I should write about them more often.

Lolo just turned 2 years old last week. She’s one of the sweetest little girls I’ve ever met. Amazingly enough, though her sister Nayna was barely talking at age 2, Lolo has been using complete sentences for several months now. She loves to talk about anything and everything, especially with her big sister! She’s very excited about the new baby and asks to rub my belly several times every day. According to Nayna, Lolo is expecting a baby girl and Lolo now talks about the baby in *her* belly as well as the baby in mine.

Nayna is a bit over 3.5 years old now. Her hair is still blonde and curly even though both her father and I have straight (maybe wavy-ish) brown hair. She’s fascinated with having her hair put up, especially in two ponytails, and she’s decided that she’s expecting twins – one boy and one girl. She’s very insistent that I’m expecting a baby boy even though I keep telling her that we have to wait and see if the baby is a boy or a girl.

Both girls are still sleeping in our king-sized futon with us though we move Nayna to her own toddler bed in a corner of our bedroom some nights after she’s asleep. Lolo is still nursing even though I’m pretty sure she’s not really getting any milk at this point. Nayna nurses periodically with a few days between each request and she’s very adamant that 4 year olds do not nurse, but 2 and 3 year olds do. That works for me since she’ll turn 4 right before the new baby is born! Tandem-nursing is no problem and I wouldn’t really mind with three, but two is much simpler I think because then they can both nurse at the same time – that part wouldn’t really work with three!

Our typical days are pretty uninteresting really… at least I think they would be to other people. We get up in the morning and eat breakfast – oatmeal is Nayna’s current breakfast of choice – then we play for a bit and read some books before lunchtime. Lunch is usually sandwiches, leftovers, or Annie’s macaroni and cheese (another current favorite that we buy when it’s on sale). The afternoon is when I spend some time online and the girls play with each other.

I also try to get some housework done between lunch and dinner and, when possible, the girls love to help me. They pick up their own toys and help me sweep the floor. Nayna clears the table and Lolo brings her own dishes into the kitchen. When I do laundry they help by handing me clothespins after I wash the clothes and then they put the clothespins back in the bag when I take the clothes down from the line. We don’t have a dryer right now so I’m busy learning the lost art of hang-drying everything and I now understand the rationale behind separating different types of clothing in the wash. It’s much more important when hang-drying than when using a dryer. Both girls love to help fold clothes and Nayna is getting quite good at folding square things like napkins and washcloths. We usually try to get a nap in there during the afternoon as well.

For dinner I usually have to soak some grains and beans or thaw some meat ahead of time to have along with whatever CSA veggies we have handy. Using the dried beans and grains as well as the bulk meat helps us save on our food bills and is actually quite easy, but does require foresight and at least planning a meal the night before. I’m not always on top of it, but the more we get settled in here, the easier it is!

After dinner we usually watch a bit of whatever Netflix DVD we happen to have. We don’t have a television and it’s much cheaper to just watch Netflix on our computers than to have a TV and cable or satellite service. Then the girls take a bath and it’s off to bed where Fred gives everyone foot rubs (what an awesome husband/father!) and he and I usually read a bit before going to sleep. Nayna sometimes reads a book also, but Lolo generally just drops right off after a few minutes of nursing.

Not too bad!



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